Lina reporting live from Portugal

As we speak I’m lying in a loungy beach chair, in my shorts and pineapple bikini top, the rain is softly falling on my tanned legs. Yes I said RAIN! It’s my last day in the Algarve, Portugal and it has been cloudy and rainy all day!

Okay, so let me start this vacay journal, by saying I had 10 days of awesome, hot, happy -hey-look-a-palmtree- summer weather! But it has been cloudy for the past 3 days and yes that makes me super cranky, because as a major sun worshipper, my standards for a sunvacation are pretty high. Yes, I’m a spoiled sunbrat.


Although the rest of my holiday has been lovely, my blog is called Lina Against The Universe for a reason so here’s a little taste of ‘the Universe whooping my ass abroad’ story.

The capital of the Algarve is called Faro and I decided that I wanted to do a little holiday shopping and pay this city a visit by public transportation. I arrived at the Faro busstop and only saw a small, but fancy harbor. I asked someone where the shopping centre was and he told me that I wasn’t even in Faro, but in Villamoura, about halfway. Because it was Sunday, the next bus would arive in 1,5 hour! Pulic transportation is awesome in every country. Sigh.


After getting on the bus again for another hour, I finally made it to Faro. I jumped out of the bus to spent some well saved vacay euro’s and I saw something so horrible, I can’t even… all the shops were closed! The bells in my head forgot to rang when even the bus was having a lazy day, it was Sunday so the whole city centre had gone silent.


Despite of the shops being closed, there was still a lot to see in Faro, like a cool harbor, old monuments and the sun was shining, so busfair well spend!

Stay tuned for more tales from the almost always sunny Algarve!



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