I’m on a boat!

Since my latest post, I’ve traded my sunny beach chair for my regular desk chair and a cosy 25 degrees Celsius for a classic Dutch 11 degrees. Brrr! I’m having a hard time adjusting to the chilly weather and not being able to wear my bikini as a daytime outfit. So I’m going to share another Portugal adventure with you guys, to take me back to the tropics and put a smile on all your faces.



The travel review site TripAdvisor is a wonderful thing and I wish I wouldn’t have been so stubborn to not take everyone’s advice on the boat trip my dad and I took. You see, I always want to see and experience everything myself first. Big fail in this case.

I’m a boat trip kinda person and I like to book these kinda excursions whenever I go to a new country, it’s a way of seeing the local gems and beautiful nature. So I’ve booked a trip on a catamaran that would sail a dolphin route and take us inside some stunning caves on smaller boats. We arrived in the harbor of Villamoura, the busstop I accidentally got off on the day before, I knew that was good for something! Totally excited the woman of the boat company told me that the catamaran won’t be sailing out that day, because of the windy weather and wild ocean.



Dissapointed I booked the same trip again 2 days later, only to hear that the catamaran wasn’t available anymore and we had to go on a much smaller, regular boat. Too bad, but I couldn’t be bothered, Atlantic Ocean, here we come! During the trip, there wasn’t much to see but water (duh) and the shore from a distance, so we had high expectations of the beautiful caves. When we got to the cave area, I noticed that the passengers, who got put on the smaller boats to go inside the caves, got back awfully quick. A woman with a sad face told me: “One blink and it’s already over”.

With this hopeful information in my mind, it was our turn to get jammed into overcrowded, little boats. Our life jackets were so big, I could hardly move to take pictures. The woman with the sad face was right, this wasn’t a cave, it was more like a hole in a rock! We sailed through it in less than 10 seconds! Tourist trap anyone?


On our way back, we were supposed to see some dolphins, the only animal I saw, was a seagull and I have dozens of them in front of my own house. Now I know there is never a guarantee for dolphins turning up, but the staff could at least have given us a little heads up: “sorry, no dolphins today”. At least the caves looked pretty from the outside I took some beautiful pics.

Lesson of today: sometimes the TripAdvisor people are right! 😉

Stay tuned for more Portugal adventures…



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