Tourist Trapped part 2: Forever Young

If you remember my last story about being tourist trapped , you know I’ve promised to tell you more about some money bumming tours I did in the Algarve, Portugal.

In order to see some of the beautiful scenery of the Algarve and it’s local hotspots, my parents and I went on a second tour to visit four old, nostalgic towns. We started off in Silves, a small and charming town in the district of Faro. Again I found myself trapped in a flock of elderly, trying to get a few shots of the beautiful buildings and cute stray dogs hanging out. I actually wanted to chill with the dogs, but it wasn’t appreciated when you moved too far away from the herd. We headed to what was supposed to be an old, Moorish castle. But when we got there, all I could see were the remains of a wall surrounding a castle that wasn’t there anymore. Ah well, on to the next town!



Next on the program was Monchique, a modest town surrounded by stunning cork trees and woods. The main hotspot here was the Caldas de Monchique, the fountain of youth. Travelling with my folks and 50 other older people this, of course, was the place to be! According to the old Portuguese tale, drinking this spring water will make you look at least 30 years younger. I didn’t really have the ambition to to look like a 1-year-old, but hey I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

We walked around in the stunning forest, trying to find the fountain. I expected to see a lovely spring, where  spring water would just burst out of the ground, with an explosion of glitter or some unicorns. But all there was to it was a rusty, old, faucet with a lousy stream of water. All the 50 people were snapping pictures with this ‘amazing’ fountain. My dad: ‘you know, this ‘springwater’ is just regular water coming from the waterbottle factory over there’. That was the funniest remark I heard all day. Monchique is making serious money with this springwater hoax!



Next stop was Lagos, a town further to the West and near the coast. Just when we thought there was nothing good to see here but touristshops and restaurants, our tourguide brought us to Ponta da Piedade, the famous rock formations of the Algarve. Seriously I’ve never seen such beauty before, these rocks were by far the highlight of the tour and the whole vacation. Finally some good stuff!



Well, I think I’m done ranting on Portugal now. I will continue to tell y’all about my mishaps in daily life again!

Until then, stay safe!



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