Where the party at?

Last year I spent my vacation on the breathtaking beaches and between the tropical palm tree leafs of Curacao. But of course my friends and I wanted to do more than just do some tanning, snorkeling and sippin on pretty cocktails, we also wanted to party!

Night out 1
After a 10 hour flight, we landed on tropical Dushi Korsou. It was still afternoon, so we had plenty of time to get ready and see what the night would bring us. By night time, we were so tired from the major jetlag, that we only just made it to downtown Willemstad for some delicious, local food. We couldn’t decide on our food mood, so we did the most horrible thing a Dutchie can do when abroad. We ate Dutch food at a Dutch restaurant in Curacao, *insert shame*. We were already half asleep during the first course, so this night would definitely not go down as ‘best night evah’.



Night out 2
So on our 2nd night on this beautiful island, we got dolled up and were ready to paint the town. We heard about the legendary parties at Mambo Beach , so our party heels headed out to beach ball.

When we got there, we didn’t hear any Caribbean music, the spotlights were off and the only sound we heard was cutlery being used by tourists eating in shady restaurants. Mambo beach looked dark, deserted and dead. This was supposed to be THE hotspot of Curacao, so what happened? Did we visit the island during off season? Did we got the date mixed up or maybe all the locals turned up really early and called it a night already? We were hungry, so we decided to grab some (really spicy) Indian food and some Shisha to get our own party started. But the party never started, we were all still so jetlagged and tired, that the only festive thing to do was to get a ride back to our hotel.



Night out 3
On our 3rd night out, we finally got it! At the happy island of Curacao, there is always only ONE party going on, at a different location. And if you don’t know where it is, the only party you’ll be having is binging the minibar of your hotelroom. Now we happened to get our hands on a local party guide newspaper, so now we were more than prepared to do some serious partying. Guarded in red lipstick, cocktail dresses and flipflops, we headed out to Mambo Beach again and could already see the lights and hear some serious R&B from the boulevard. Nailed it! The beach had morphed into a full on club and was totally lit! We danced between the palms with our toes in the sand. Night 3 was a succes!



Now that we had our party paper, we were unstoppable and planned some serious new beach parties, but that’s another story…

Stay tuned for more Curacao adventures next week!




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