Look mum, I’m on the cover!

Ever since I was a young LinaAgainsTheUniverse, it’s always been my dream to…

  1. Make it on the cover of a magazine
  2. Get the lead role in a music video
  3. Star in a television show

Well, I can actually cross off all three of my showbizz bucket list items, even before reaching the infamous age of 30. Of course there’s a funny story behind all three accomplishments…

The music video

A few years ago I was casted in the new music video of a rather famous Dutch R&B group, who was best known for sexy (kinda tacky) bubbling songs and videos. But their new song was about a much more serious topic and showed the harm of unnecessary violence against ambulance staff and police officers. I played the lead role, that of a police woman who was under attack. It was so much fun to do, but unfortunately the marketing of the video was so poor that it never aired on TV. So much for the kick off of my Lead-Girl-In-A-Video-Career. You can still check the video out below, it’s actually pretty good and deserves more attention I think.

The television show

Next up, I was chosen to star in a new Dutch scripted reality show, called ‘Accused‘. I portrayed a hotel maid who was wrongfully accused of stealing money of hotel guests. This was actually my biggest gig so far and it was so cool to shoot, even though the script was a tad silly. The only downside of this role was the absolute horrible and most unflattering hotel maid outfit that you can possibly think of. I was actually 15 kilo heavier back then and that awful blue uniform/dress didn’t do much good for my figure. I did get a lot of recognition of people who had watched the show and thought it was real. So I take that as a compliment for my acting skills, lol. But I have a hard time re-watching the show, because I really don’t like the way I looked with some extra junk in the trunk. Unfortunately at this time the video has been removed online, but below is a video still from the show. It’s better for everyone that it doesn’t show the whole outfit.


The magazine cover

Some time ago I did a magazine cover. The client was a health insurance company and we did a shoot in the woods for the cover of their new magazine. I was shot as an athlete, so I felt pretty confident and sporty. They made me do all kinds of gym related exercises, while the camera flashed heavily. I felt like a real model, this was my time to shine. I even smized for the sake of Tyra Banks. I was so excited to see the result, but when I finally got my ‘model’ hands on the issue, my smize changed into straight up almost crying. They took like 100 shots and my best photo was the one took from below, while I was wearing a horizontal striped shirt. Even my mum could have taken a more flattering photo than the one which was chosen to be on the cover. And the worst part wasn’t even the photo. It was the coverline across my covergirl shot. Translated from Dutch, it reads: how to get back in shape, after your disease. OMG, is this magazine calling me fat? I just can’t. Definitely not the way I wanted to be portrayed and again, not my breakthrough to fame.



Ah well, I have another casting lined up for this Friday. It’s for a new TV commercial for a big brand in Holland. Maybe 2017 is my time to shine, wish me luck!

Keep believing in yourself darlings! Nothing worth having comes easily right?



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